Getting a job with zero effort

job Nov 16, 2020

The story

If you ever wondered if you can get a job with zero effort we have great news to share.We had the same thought about one year ago. And now it is the time to answer your question:


Now it is possible to automate your job search and land a job with zero effort


You don't believe me?

Go check it for FREE

Click the link here

Why use Loopcv?

Loopcv is the first platform that collects job postings from the most popular platforms in the market like Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor, Jooble and a lot more, finds opportunities that are relevant with your profile and then applies on your behalf with your CV!

Well, we know it looks crazy but it works and it requires zero effort from your side :)

Start today automating your job search!

Reach out to companies that are hiring, and get your first interview planned faster than ever.

What is the effort required from my side in order to apply to jobs every day?

Loopcv is a fully automated platform and thus zero effort is required.

If you want to be more selective with the companies you apply for you can put some effort to filter the job postings collected (from various platforms) in order to find only the jobs that would would like to apply for.

Then after that the only effort you should do is literally click one button to apply ;)


George Avgenakis

CEO @ Loopcv

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