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5 Hacks - How to Find a new Financial Analyst job in Greenville, United States in less than 48 hours using automation

job Dec 1, 2020

Find a job as a Financial Analyst in Greenville, United States with Loopcv, the first platform that fully automates the job search!

Finding a new job is hard, especialy during the covid-19 pandemic. We know that.

We have been there. This is why we created Loopcv, the first platform that uses automation in order to simplify the job search process.      

With Loopcv job seekers send their CV or apply to jobs every day automatically!
It is amazing how easy it is right?

So, If you are looking for a job as a Financial Analyst in Greenville, United States this is the best place to start.

Here is what you should do to find a job as a Financial Analyst

  • Create a great CV (resume). There are a lot of tools that you can use to do that!
  • Once you have a resume create a profile at
  • Upload your CV in the Loopcv platform
  • Create your first Loop (by Loop we mean you automated job search)
  • In order to create an automated job search (we call it Loop) you should define in our dashboard Financial Analyst as a job title
  • You should also define Greenville, United States as a desired location for your job
  • Click Start the loop

and let us do that hard work      

Start today with Loopcv.

Stop copy-pasting or hustling to find a job that matches your profile. We do that every day

Start here        

Tips that can help you find a job as a  Financial Analyst even faster

  • Create a 1 page CV checking the tips here. Recruiters don't have a lot of time. A good 1 page CV is a must. Check why here
  • Improve your Linkedin profile even before starting automating your job search. Find Linkedin powerful insights in this post
  • Create your loop and add Greenville, United States as your desired location and Financial Analyst as your job title
  • Select a great email template from the popular templates of Loopcv        

If you have more questions please send us an email at

We are more than happy to help you land your job in Greenville, United States as soon as possible ;)

How to find a job having no experience as a Financial Analyst and especialy during covid-19 in 2021?

We want to help anyone during the covid-19 pandemic get a job at 2021

If you don't have experience it will be even harder, but if you do the right actions you can make it a success!

Please check the smart tips below to help you find your job even if you don't have experience    

Smart tips to help you get a job during COVID-19

  • Get comfortable with the remote interview reality (learn how to use zoom, skype etc.)
  • Polish your resume for the bots
  • Pump up your LinkedIn profile. Again, check our great post that describes how in this post
  • Work on your soft skills and learn more about a remote work experience
  • Consider getting new certifications. Check udemy


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